6006 Souls with 100% royalties for holders !!!


*About 5% used for paying rolayltie distribution fees


We are an European Team with lots of love for Solana BlockChain and Art. !!!
Inspired by the NetherWorld, This soul NFT collection is proceduly generated with 6006 distinct NFTs with over 8 traits and 150+ hand-drawn attributes.
Each NFT unlocks their holders with a wealth of opportunities upon release.

Mint Soul

Old Member from the NetherWorld and Blockchain Expert , spy every soul to reach his new owner

Social Soul

Our most talkative member, loves Discord and guiding other Souls

Dev Soul

his life moves between codes and matrix. This soul definitely does not belong to the NetherWorld

Solana Soul

This Soul Rules Devnet and Mainnet , always seeking for correct Nft Transactions.

Attributes & Rarities

Need to know all the rarities?  Here you have


Phase 1 - 25%


- About 8 unique traits
- 150 plus Attributes all hand drawing.
- Generate 5555 random NFT
- Test Test and Test all is working correct
- Community Build in progress

Phase 2 - 50%

Drop Day

- Be the Reaper, get your souls
- Mint NFT
- List NFT on Popular NFT websites
- Upload PDF with Rarity sets

Phase 3 - 75%

Royaltie Fees Direct Passive Income and Pet Souls NFT

- 100%* ROYALTIE FEES DIRECT TO HOLDERS EACH 30 DAYS (minus 5% for transaction fees)
-  Passive income from our collection
- SoltySouls Owners are eligible to participate in a rewards program
- Every SoltySouls Owner can receive a cute "pet soul NFT"

Q1 2022 - 100%

Second Generation Souls Breeding

- Generation 2 Souls Breeding (TBA)
- More info incoming in the next months.

Ready For Mint ?


The NetherWorld is FULL. We need your help to mantain the order. Take your Souls and help the NetherWorld

Mint date will happen at 7pm UTC on October 29th.

Phantom or Solflare. We recomend you Phantom. ** Beware not usint any exchange direct payment

1 Soul = 1 Sol + mint fees (about 0,01)

100% * royaltie to Holders Every day 1 of the month. *About 5% used for paying rolayltie distribution fees